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NEW full width, removable stainless steel drip pan for easy cleanup

Compact, heavy duty chassis for a long life span

Stainless steel sides and front valve cover

Stainless steel tubing for pilots

Heavy, cast iron three- ring burner, rated at a total of 80,000 BTU/hr

Burner is equipped with two continuous pilots strategically placed for instant ignitions of each section

Two manual controls to operate the inner and outer rings independently, for maximum flexibility of usage

Heavy duty cast iron top grate

1 Yr Parts and Labor Warranty

ATSP-18-1L Stock Pot Stove

  • Atosa Catering Equipment warrants its equipment against defects in materials and workmanship. Atosa Catering Equipment is warranted for one (1) year, effective from the date of purchase by the original owner.

  • Model ATSP-18-1L
    Burners and Control Method 1 Burners Independent Manual control
    Gas Type
    1. NG
    2. LP

    Intake Tube Pressure

    (in W.C.)

    1. 4
    2. 10

    Per BTU


    1. 40,000
    2. 40,000

    Total BTU


    1. 80,000
    2. 80,000
    1. 4" w.c.
    2. 10" w.c.
    ATCB Net Weight (lbs) Rock 105.8
    Packing Dimension (inch) 20.9x24.8x20.1
    Gross Weight (lbs) 116.8
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